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SDEMA Past Award Recipients

Below is a list of SDEMA Members who've been honored by their peers at the Annual SDEMA banquet held during the September Conference. 

As a reminder, if you feel a fellow SDEMA member is deserving in one of the these categories, please complete the appropriate nomination form HERE. If your nomination is for a current board member, submit that personally to another board member by ‚ÄčAugust 15.

Awards were not given in all categories each year. 

2022 Layne Stewart Clay County
Kathy Glines Brule County

2021 Erin Hacecky Yankton County

2020 Doug Huntrods Meade County

2019 Fred Wells Nisland-Arpan Vol. Fire & Rescue

2018 Todd Heitkamp National Weather Service

2017 Mike Carter Custer County

2016 Frank Maynard Fall River County

2015 Regan Smith City of Sioux Falls

2014 Rene Larson Lawrence County

2013 Jim Sutton Codington County

2012  Ken Hawki Lawrence County

2011 Harold Timmerman Lincoln County

2010 David Schaefer Hamlin County

2009 Brent Kolstad SD OEM

2008 Brad Stiefvater McCook County

2007 Jason Forrest SD OEM

2006 Kristi Turman SD OEM
2006 Pam Buck Pennington County

2005 Ed & Marcella Busse Danko Federal Signal

2004 Allan Miller Davison County

2003 Todd Struwe Brookings County

2002 Randy Smith SD OEM Reg 4

2000 Mike Carter Custer County

1998 Brad Stiefvater McCook County

1996 Colin Hendry SD OEM

1992 Ron Hughes Lake County

1991 Don Opie War Hawk District

1990 Sandra McKernan Grant County

1987 Charles Claussen Gregory County

1981 Don Herrick Davison County

1980 Robert Chalberg Pennington County

1979 John Heintzman Brown County
1979 Elmer Heilman City of Doland

1978 Donald Lindstrom

1977 Montie Horn Minnehaha County

1976 Ben Amsden

1975 Doc Mead

1974 Joe Vanderloo Minnehaha County

1973  Norm Wienecke

1972 Illa Cannon Pennington County

1971 Leona Blote Kingsbury County

NEW AWARD in 2018

2022 Dave Schaefer Hamlin County

2020 Dustin Willett Pennington County

2019 Paul Scherschligt Yankton County

2018 Alexa White Pennington County

NEW AWARD in 2018

2022 Arlan Gortmaker, Hand County

2019 Tim Cowan, USGS & Mark Rath, State of SD

2018 Tina Titze & Carrie Leidholt, SD OEM

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